Almaa Gallery is honored to work with global artists. Here we are going to introduce one of the artists who is working with the Almaa Gallery.

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Niloofar Marandi

I'm Niloofar Marandi. I was born in 1988 in Iran. As an art-loving kid, it was my dream to be an artist one day. Therefore, I studied graphic design as well as handmade arts at the University of Mazandaran. Handmade art made me realize that it is my dream career to pursue one day. I started working as an artist and made wooden accessories. 

My Story

I was very much passionate about adding a historical vibe to my accessories. That encouraged me to continue my education in "art research" and learn more about Iranian motifs and mythical symbols.
Now, I am the founder of Niloo Jewelry and all my accessories are inspired by Iranian motifs, Iranian elements and primitive motifs. All of the accessories that you can find in my collections are silver and brass sourced.

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My mission

For creating these unique accessories, I have tried to pay attention to their historical concept as well as fashion appearances.
For me, the feeling that my designs convey is so valuable. I put my heart in making my jewelry when I am making those, so I intend to share my feeling with my audiences. All of my designs have a spirit as I gave my love and positive energy while making them. I strive to share that specific positive feeling and energy with anyone who buys those, and that is LOVE. 

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